Wednesday, September 10, 2014

E S C U E L A : Soft Opening

A new form of school was built in the City of Pines. And guess what? Recess is the major subject and there is no tuition fee. LOL. But don't get this wrong. I am referring to a newly built restaurant + cafe and it's inspired by the elements commonly found in a typical school. Like chairs, tables, blackboards and shelves with books. 

You can definitely browse on your lessons while dining at the same time for you to have a new experience of a restaurant. Art works were also put up on display to serve as a visual appetizer and a sort of education as well. Art works will be elaborated on my next post and you can choose among them while you eat then buy them when you go.

What I like the most about Escuela is that, orders start as low as 65php which makes the place very student-oriented/friendly. Very affordable and accessible for a hungry student looking for a new place to stay and hang-out with style. The place is definitely cozy and classy. (I will tell you more about the food on my next post as well.)

And on that note, Escuela's interior was designed by my friend Jairus Sumineg who is also Baguio's premiere fashion designer. I can definitely feel his presence through the black and white walls and the simple but modern-looking details. Minimalism on it's maximal effect. So, good job my friend and the team.
So here it is, the gang checking the place during its soft opening to put on final touches later that night.

You can visit Escuela at 2nd Basement, Halili Bldg. (In front os Saint Louis University), Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Philippines. Contact number: 0916-588-5635. You may Like them on Facebook H  E  R  E !  !  ! or follow them on Instagram @cafe.escuela.

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