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Kyle Cayabyab


Kyle Cayabyab (Milo)



Ethnic Origin:
Well I honestly can't tell what our ethnic origin is because of the fact that my parents were raised with Spanish/Japanese practices since Mom is Half-Japanese and Spanish, and Dad on the other hand is Spanish.

Creative field:
I am a choreographer/ dancer. I put my words and thoughts into actions, literally. 


I honestly love to do lots of things! Besides my "Dancing", I love to sing. I may not be that good at it, but atleast I am able to express what I feel in different ways. ;D On another note, basketball has been my sport, and playing it has been my routine everyday since I was 6. Guess this is where all my fat gets burned(but I get it all back after eating LOL). On the weirder side of me, I find t.v. to be a possible addiction of mine, oh *clears throat* a hobby. Hahaha. From Adventure Time, to Naruto, I am your #1 fan! Somehow this might be the reason why my humor is very very very weird. Hahaha :))

Favorite food:
One freakin' word. Pizza. Period. No explanation needed.

Favorite movie:
So far, my faaaave movie has got to be Man of Steel. Besides the fact that Henry Cavill is like the real Superman from physique to features (If I was a kid and I saw him I would totally believe that he is Superman), the movie does the Kryptonian's story justice in which they showed the human side of Superman, basically the story is about Clark Kent. Perfect casting. Perfect story. And General freakin' Zodd totally nailed the trademark line "I will find him". Hahaha I am a loser ain't I?

Favorite Song:
Definitely "Fine China" by Chris Brown. Can not stop my ass from bustin' a move every time I hear it :D

Favorite Book:
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho!  This book truly pushed me into pursuing my dreams "and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." :D

Art to me has changed all throughout my life. The way I see it, the way I make it, was different and it always will be. But by far the major influence I have encountered about aesthetics is the thought that art is one's perception. Art will never be the acceptance and recognition by others, art will always be the acceptance of one's OWN capabilities and style. Art is YOU. ;)

I honestly am afraid of dying and not being able to share all that I have learned. I dug my way up from the bottom not just to make a career, I want to help those who dream the same dream I have. I want to be the guide so they never have to do things the hard way, so they never have to sacrifice as much as I did. I want to work hard so I can somehow carry the next generation on my shoulders. ;)

Fave city:
No biases here but damn, I honestly love Baguio!!! From all the places I have been to, nothing compares to Baguio city! Why is that? Baguio's climate is just uuugggghhhh! Cold! Even if sometimes it takes the back chilling temperature to a deadly feat, I would prefer the cold weather rather than a hot city that will only get me PUTOK. HAHAHAH :)) There are a gazillion reasons why I love Baguio, and I can never tell them all, but once you go to Baguio, I swear, you will be hooked the first time you inhale our Pine Breeze air 

Dream Country:
I would go with France! As cliché as it sounds, France seems like the ideal place to be at. From the food, to the people, they all seem to be lovely! :'D I'd love to speak French to so I can somehow be sexier in the eyes of the public. Hahaha :)))


The last dream I remember:

I was honestly fighting off ninjas with a sword that a good friend of mine gave to me. I had this ripped body like I was some Japanese sexy actor slashing some knuckleheads to the floooooor! I was the king for a moment :))))

Guilty pleasures:
I honestly love tattoos, like I find it pleasurable in the highest sense or level hahahaha :)) I always blog or search tattoos that are in right now since I want my body to be a canvass too  plus the process of getting a tattoo gets me all grimy and happy! It hurts but I love the pain and the art hahaha :)))

How I started:
I actually started as a person who makes fun of dancing, you know, the typical loser kid who just disses dance steps and the like. Hahahaha :)) one time, my friend asked me if I wanted to join this school competition and it was hip hop. I was like "oh fudge it let's do this and mess with people". But at the end of our 1st practice I had already felt the longing for improvement, and movement. I could never stop moving after it. Even if I was in class, I would shake and bake. I guess my jokes had their way to come back to me.

Favorite Icon:
The older generation had Michael Jackson as their superstar, but I had a different one, I had Chris Brown. From his moves to his voice, he was everything I wanted to be. He is honestly the main reason for my dancing and singing. He is the main reason why I got tattoos.  i honestly am the biggest fanboy you can ever have hahaha. It started when I was 9 and I googled celebrities who had same birthdays as me, and poof Chris Brown popped out. All I needed was one click and all I ever was after that moment was a Chris Brown fan.

I would love to perform at Ellen or Oprah :)) for the past years, these talkshows honestly are somewhat the only international shows that broadcast and share talents, specifically choreographers  to get a spot on their show would be heavenly! I will share my thoughts on dance and hopefully I can get to thank all the people who had influenced or pushed me to attain that goal  the best part about performing there will be the knowledge I gain after that opportunity!

The most memorable moment I have had so far would be the Hip Hop International Finals which was on May 4 2014, at Mall of Asia :))) to be able to perform for the majority of the dance community in the Philippines was the greatest achievement ever! We had been blessed with a chance to not only compete for the title, we were given a chance to celebrate hip hop with the top names in the dance community. It was all FUN, LOVE, PEACE, and UNITY!

Perform for:
My biggest dream is to perform for my idol, Chris Brown!  To join the stage with him will be the embodiment of my dreams! It is like watching your dreams come true! It is like dancing with the main reason why I even started doing these things! :')

From all the possible brands in the world, To collaborate with Nike will be heaven's best blessing to me! Hahah :)) To be noticed by Nike is the sign that I had been acknowledged to not just be a dancer or a choreographer, but as an athlete! :)))


To all aspiring choreographers and dancers out there, the best advice I can give you is to be patient!  dance is not easy, you can't just go post a video and hope for 200000 views. Nor can you teach a workshop and assume that 20 students will arrive if you never even built your credibility. Dance is like school, you got to start from the bottom, and move your way up! You have to learn and apply all of these things!  

My favorite line will always be "CONTROL"  I ALWAYS use it when it comes to dance because that is what dance is about scientifically! Controlling your body into applying the movement.  When it comes to my personal life, CONTROL is actually a much bigger word. It is taking your life and allowing yourself to be in charge of it. It is your power to manage your life and the environment it provides you with. CONTROL is you taking over.

What else to achieve:
I want to be able to share my talent and my knowledge around the world, and I guess that is all I want, to go around the world and be an inspiration to others. :') I want to provide hope to those who gave up. I want to prove to them that anything is possible. That even a guy from the slums can someday be the fire that burns into other people's hearts.

One word to describe myself:


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Photographed by Yours Truly
Groomed and Styled by Jairus Sumineg
Special Thanks to Ajie Espero and Tin-tin Francisco.

Life is A Jernih

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