Friday, April 6, 2012


Hmmm.. well let me first introduce myself to all of you who got time to check out what's goin' on this part of the web. 


***self portrait, hope the wig didn't freaked you out that much because I really want to have a long black locks after college, so i tried visualizing them thru this photo. BTW, I made that head piece out of my neighbor's junked ornaments.

My name is Sagumay Agapito from the sunshiny province of Nueva Ecija. Yes, its kinda boring to where I came from and it's always hot as summer all year round but it's something you got to love and miss when you get out to other places for sometimes.

Right now, I'm giving myself a try on blogging as I was encouraged by my good friend Emily, by the way congratulations on your graduation my friend. I really hope that you guys also find some sense to whatever I'm talking and posting in here (hehe) because most of the time people think that I'm speaking weird stuffs. Even I, find it weird for some times, you know, the way I behave. Well who cares, THIS IS MY BLOG!!! hahaha this is my slice of the web and it is for people who will appreciate it like me. 

P.S. I ALWAYS KEEP IT REAL, BE IT BORING FOR ALL OF US OR TOO RACY FOR YOU SISTAH. 'bout this, people should be thanking me in advance I guess. I really don't like acting like somebody else. That's a major disease.

I think that would be all for now, time to leave Baguio City for Cabanatuan City because it's the midst of Holy Week and it's my 21st birthday already on Sunday. So, this blog is sorta my free birthday present for me.

Till next time and thank you for your time! :)))


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