Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Piece of Mine 1.2

One thing I have realized in blogging, maybe you guys as well, is that blogging at your own convenience, like what I am doing, might leave your blog in a hiatus once or twice or more. Well, I got a life to balance and to live and I believe that it's the way it should be, for me. Life isn't always about ups and good times. Sometimes you have to pause and go on a low note. All the good music must be that way because if music are constantly on a high note and pitch, it must be irritating and painful to the ears.

On a low note, things are really getting more difficult when you are growing up and you are starting to realize that things are out of your control. But the good news is, you can do something about it like ignore, watch, fight or wait for it until it's completely manageable. Just think that you are still lucky and alive finding yourself waking up away from any possible violence in Ukraine or not in the missing Malaysian Airlines. Another good thing is, whatever we are experiencing right now, we get to learn from it. We just have to see and focus on every positive details it can offer us to make it a winning situation every time. Like what I have read somewhere, take every problem as an opportunity, not a problem. maybe because the latter will make it redundant and will make you feeling depressed further.

 And yeeees, rhyming with further, speaking of farther. I went somewhere farther with my best friends. I get to realize that friends should be truly considered as treasures and God's blessings. I have proven this a lot of time now, especially around these times. Like I'm praying to God every night to bless me this and give me that or whatever that i am needing at the moment. The things I'm praying for are not given to me directly, they are passing through my generous friends. I couldn't get any luckier for having them. So, the moral of my lesson is to take care of your friends and make more friends for more means of blessings. Just kidding.

Anyway, the post consists of our photo of out summer getaway at Potipot Island, a privately-owned but open-for-public island in Candelaria, Zambales. It's a white sand beach. It's quite a virgin. The number of people I've seen is tolerable. Some people spent a night or more on the island with their tents and other necessities. You may search on it and plan a trip going there this summer or the following. There are lot of reviews and blog posts about it. You can really find a peace of mind in the island and you can call it "A piece of mine."

So, here are what happened.

I made it and everybody liked it. You're welcome. ;)

to be continued . . .

Life is A Jernih 

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