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Tamerlane Oscar

"The Red Light" published by © VOGUE ITALIA | Published: Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | | Concept and Modeling | Tamerlane Oscar | Image | Jowee Gabiran (Art + Commerce & Gallery Stock New York) | Head Stylist | Margeaux Jerushka | Styling Assist | Triish Romans | Grooming | Andrew Jardenil of MAC | Art & Set | Gerry Castro | Designer | Mark Tamayo | Accessories | Ablaze Artwear & Artcessories By Luis Romero Ablaza III | Special thanks to Councilor Irma Alfonso, Ava Alfonso JusonJurrish SledgeMark Dela Peña, Bryan-Bryan Peralta, Jose Joy Chicano, Renan Jay Pacson, Nere Ku & Robert Joon Ku.

Model Name: Tamerlane Oscar Age: I'm a vampire. Birthplace: Manila Ethnic Origin: Chinese, Spanish
Birthmark: My fat lips LOL

"Oriental Night" published by © VOGUE ITALIA | Published: Thursday, August 22, 2013 | Link: | Concept and Modeling | Tamerlane Oscar  | Image | Jowee Gabiran (Vogue Italia's Art + Commerce Contributor & Represented by Gallery Stock New York) | Head Stylist | Margeaux Jerushka | Styling Assist | Triish Romans | Grooming | Andrew Jardenil of MAC  | Art & Set | Gerry Castro | Accessories | Ablaze Artwear & Artcessories By Luis Romero Ablaza III | Apple Inspired Organza Coat | Jose Joy Chicano | Satin Printed Top | Bryan-Bryan Peralta | Shoes | Nere Ku | Special thanks to Councilor Irma Alfonso, Jurrish Sledge & Joon Ku.


Nobody's got time for that?!

Health and Fitness Regime: 

Exercising everyday, swimming, tennis, running w dogs. I really love to practice different sports, so I don't really have a specific regimen.

Favorite Food: 

I have great appreciation on how Korean food is made and prepared, but my mum's deadly chicken gives me happiness for days! 

Favorite Movie:

Dark Knight

Favorite Song as of the Moment: 

Bomfalleralla by Afasi & Filthy

"Pulp Boy" | Published: 01/13/2014 | | Modeling and Art Direction | Tamerlane Oscar | Styling| Margeaux Jerushka & Tamerlane Oscar | Grooming| Ilich Monroy | Photography| Jowee Gabiran (Gallery Stock NYC) |Asst.| Ryan Caliwan | © VOGUE ITALIA 

What is your biggest fear?: 

Shouldn't fear anything when you have God in your heart. 

What is your dream country to visit?: 


What was the last dream you remember?: 

A mouse was running after me. 

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: 

Britney Spears and Jollibee 

What’s your favorite fashion city and why?: 

New York City 'cos its fucking New York City!

Ain't Got No Time To Sleep! Let's Party Like We're The Kings Of Nowhere!  | Photography | Joseph Pascual | Styling | Mike Magallanes and Gelo Arucan | Grooming | CJ Cuison and Sari Campos | Models | Bruce Venida, Rutherford Perez and Tamerlane Oscar.

How were you scouted? 

At age 13, I was the one calling, every agency, scout, company, etc. I scouted them.

What’s your best feature?


Favorite Model:

Ugh! So hard to choose just one! From supers like Kate Moss, Tyson Beckford, money makers Sean O'Pry & Simon Nessman, quirkiness of Coco Rocha, Cole Mohr & Sebastian Sauve', to new ones Sung Jin Park, Soo Joo Park, Hyeongsop Park & Abiah Hostvedt. I can go on and on and on....But I can't forget my friends Chris Colton and Ria Bolivar.

If you could be on the cover of any magazine, what would it be:

L'Officiel Hommes 

What’s your most memorable model moment so far?:

Every moment is memorable when I get to wake up and get to do this very peculiar kind of work!

Model Mantra:

Don't think I have one. 

You're The Inspiration | Photography by Joan Michel for HUF Magazine NYC. | Style | Margeaux Jerushka | Grooming | Red Castro | Designs | Jinggo Inoncillo, Bon D. Penaranda and Joco Comendador | Model | Tamerlane Oscar @ PrimaStella Mgt.

Aside from modeling, what else you want to do/achieve?:

I think I would still prefer to be in fashion or maybe make films, live my days as an Art Director and surround myself w creative people.

One word to describe yourself: 


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Life is A Jernih

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