Friday, March 13, 2015

G O | S E E Dad and My Buffet Bump

Greenbelt, Makati City, Philippines.


Top, Forever 21
Pants, Giordano
Shoes, Dr Martens



Buffet Bump, Dad World Buffet

wait? what?


So here is what happened.

If there is anything you should know about me, I eat alot and so often. I can swallow a man whole like a python. HAHA. That's just a hyperbole, but what I am saying is that I can survive any buffet and my tummy will be lovingly adjust its size for that matter. I am lucky I have this skinny-genes with me that I don't get fat easily. Maybe due to my working hours and lifestyle as well. So, when my cousin Esme told me if I wanted to have some, well, HELL YEAH! No questions asked further :3 

She brought me in Dads World Buffet located at Glorietta 3. The restaurant is already known in Manila and it's my first time to try it. The offerings did not fail me. It was heaven! There's Japanese section called Saisaki, Filipino cuisines over the counter called Kamayan and whole lot more like Mediterranean, Oriental, Hispanic and American  cuisines. Dad will truly fulfill its promise to bring you the taste of the whole world right in front of you.

Check on what we have tried.

I just can't get over their sushis. hmmmm

You can check like them H E R E ! ! ! 

That's all.

Life is A Jernih

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