Monday, August 3, 2015

Listerine 21-Day Challenge Winners at ABS-CBN's It's Showtime

Photo Courtesy of Listerine Ph Facebook

What I love about working in the fashion industry is that I always meet inspiring people with an amazing shine and energy. Artists whom are just like any one else in the field reaching for that special moment. Some would say it's a dog-eats-dog world, but I still believe that it could still be another story, to inspire and be inspired.

This is very true during our recent styling assignment with Listerine's 21-Day Challenge Winner Awarding in the ABS-CBN's noontime show It's Showtime. All of the three contenders, Chase, Neil and Sid ( the winner) are equally righteous for the title. It was just for a program's sake, one must win. Anyway, this was just the start of a longer  journey in their career on a different musical genre. Their future is now brighter than ever after being showcased in a popular noontime show here in the Philippines.

Best of luck to all of us!

Meet the team behind those Mouthtastic smile!!

Me, Philip for styling and Ace, Tess for Grooming.

Life is A Jernih

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