Saturday, September 5, 2015


There is one quotation in my life which up to right now I follow and I mean very earnest to my heart. The very guide to my life and whole-being.

Always be yourself, but if you can be Beyonce, Be Beyonce! 

Explanation: Because BEYONCE. End of story

Now let's all summon the spirit that made us all kneel down to the only Queen B.

All the following performances were live and I think it is best to judge a singer via their live performances.

Even before, she have shown the world that she could still perform flawlessly in any form of harsh environment or situation like hair-stuck-in-a-fan or around a flaming stage.

Talk about locks and robotics with this VMA performance of Ring the Alarm. VMA's was explosive back then in terms of performances. Current musicians could not agree with me more.

Queen for a Queen. No other diva can pull off a diva introduction but another rightful Diva that is Queen Bey.

And for some reason, Beyonce has that power to make anyone feel like an American or more American whenever she sings the USA national Anthem.

Every time she proves that she can indeed Run the World.

And to top all of her supernatural abilities, a 15-minute non-stop Super Bowl performance. The best up to this very moment.

There you have it. Happy Beyday Queen Bey! We wish you the best! (If there are still such things)

Life is A Jernih

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