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It is my pleasure to be part of the newest Neurobion Philippines' Digital Ad Campaign. After approximately 2 months, I am very excited and thrilled to see the result. It was my very first time to witness how a commercial was made. Well, I've been auditioning and attending casting calls because being on-cam is my thing and my goal, but the farthest I got was final screenings. Though, I was still feeling lucky to be part of it as a stylist off-cam because it gave me ideas on how to move once I got my projects already in the future. #claimingit #fingerscrossed. Thanks to my good friend Philip Malala who tagged me along for an extra hand. I am so happy that he is now doing what he really wants. 

Another thing which made this experience unforgettable was that we were able to style and work with Director Paul Soriano who just got married with TV Host/Actor Toni Gonzaga. He was so kind for letting me do a mini-interview in the dressing room while we were waiting for his next frame. I must say that he was inspiring and that he deserves what he has right now. For just a small conversation, he was able to share values to me which I think other people must know as well. You may check the video on the latter part of this post. I know, you are welcome. :)

As for Philip and I, you may check what we have done in between sets, eating, styling, palying, posing and eating on and on and on. I just love commercial projects already. LOL

My interview with Direk.

The advertisement.

Directing is Paul Soriano's passion. To make it big in this industry, one needs to have nerves of steel. That's why Paul makes sure to take Neurobion everyday, because having healthy nerves means living life fully!
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All photos and styling by Philip Malala. Grooming by Celebrity Hair and make-up Artist Peps Silvestre.

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