Friday, July 27, 2012

His and Hers by Louwie Lardizabal Rivera

OMG!!! It's been a month already since my last blog post. Well, FYI people, I just moved out of my apartment and transferred to another address somewhere in the City of Baguio along Crystal Cave Road. 

This time, I just want to share some of my photos from our shoot with Sir Louwie. I'm a bit androgynous this time and I like it very much. I am always fascinated by androgyny and I hope there'll be more opportunity for androgynous projects in the future because I really think being an androgynous model is not your conventional type of modelling because you got to show both sexuality at the same time. I hope to pull it better and bigger next time. Uhm, like a Brassiere Ad or a Gaultier fashion show like that of Andrej Pejic for example, well, let's say our prayers for that. :)))

I think that's ll for now, just sharing anything anywhere anityme, Sagumay.

credits and more pics of this set at LLR Photography page at 

Life is A Jernih

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