Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Importance of Giving

Yeah, I know, someone is trying to be the next Mother Teresa or Dalai Lama but people close to me knew I really, really am inspiring. ??? Yeah, it's a bit #selfproclaimed ??? . It's part of my New Year's resolution too to spread some good vibes and have a positive impact to every, single person I encounter in person or via electronic means (maybe, some readers, if i have any) because that's the best thing you could do with internet rather than bashing lots of non-sense people or obsessing yourself with your own selfies ( I would suggest that you limit it to 2 selfies per day, 1 in the morning to let us know you're still alive and 1 before you sleep so just to inform your friends or followers that you made it through a certain day). Oooooops, just channeling my inner Chelsea Handler. I firmly believe that we could still be inspiring even in the harshest way possible.

I hope I could make this consistent because I really know myself, I tend to be disinterested to routines. I have short attention span. But we'll see, who knows, I'll make it till next year or the years after it. Let's hope and pray. ;)

Life is A Jernih

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