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Jairus Sumineg

Photographed by Topper Capuyan Ballola


Jairus Sumineg

Age: 22

Baguio City

Ethnic Origin: -

Creative field and what’s about it:
Fashion Designer / Director / Stylist known for innovative design, forward thinking and extraordinarily inspired collections; featured in multiple local publications. He has excellent design skills, strong technical background and solid fashion sense to create innovative and cost-effective designs. Extremely energetic, dependable and self-motivated with a high degree of collaborative work integrity.

Models | Ajie and Jernih of Forefront Productions

Hahah wait lang…lakas maka SLUM BOOK ng part na toh, lovet! Haha

Hobbies: Reading, Swimming, Sketching

Favorite Food: Pinoy? Kare-kare, Chicken-Pork Adobo, Sinigang

Favorite Movie: The Notebook. Actually there are too many movie faves to mention haha!

Favorite Song as of the Moment: Artpop – Lady Gaga

Favorite Book: Nothing in particular

Art Direction and Styling | Jairus Sumineg Photography | Louwie Lardizabal Rivera Stylist's Assistant | Sagumay Agapito Models | Ajie Espero,Philip Carlo Malala, and  Samantha Louise Borcena Forefront Productions Hair and Make up | Jm Tabamo Special Thanks | Laydeh Alberto, Willy and Barot Magtibay

What are your major influences or aesthetics?(Aesthetically speaking) to create a design conceived by conceptual simplicity exhibiting structural complexity

What is your biggest fear? The only thing we have to fear about is fear itself!

What is your dream country to visit? Europe

What was the last dream you remember? Funny, I dreamt of seeing a huge pile of poop in my bathroom, too bad I wasn’t able to touch the poop coz I woke up immediately after. You know what they say, it is good omen to see and touch poop in your dreams!

Do you have any Guilty Pleasures? Yes! But I wont elaborate! Hahaha!

Fashion | Jairus Sumineg  Model | Mav Bernardo  Photography | Koji Arboleda

How did you start what you are doing? I’ve tried everything from singing, acting, dancing, painting and so on, but designing and using the medium of fabric was closest to my heart since I've always done designing / sketching on some capacity when I was young. I guess my mom played a huge role in my pursuit of becoming a designer, I’d watch her every time she would sew curtains at home, repair my clothes and the like.

When I was 17, I designed costumes for the SLU-LHS glee club, bagging the best costume award. That's where and how my fashion career came about. Fast forward to 2014, I’ve just recently accomplished my third collection entitled Chimera.

Favorite Fashion Icon: Alexander McQueen

If you will be featured in any magazine, what it would be: Nothing in particular, so long as I’d be featured, that’s good enough for me. *wink

What’s your most memorable fashion moment so far: None as of the moment, it is still being written

What’s your favorite fashion city and why? I’d say London. Because of its diversity, London upholds the reputation as the cradle of fashion eccentricity.

CHIMERA | JAIRUS SUMINEG FALL 2013 LOOKBOOK in collaboration with Hermitism by Herminio Tan Jr accessories Photography | Juan Carlos Miguel Alomajan Stylists |  Jernih Sagumay Agapito and Kelvin Palangdao Hair and Make-up | Philip Carlo Malala Model | Ajie Espero at Forefront Productions

Whom do you want to dress, style, or photograph in the future?Too many to mention!  But this may sound cliché, Lady Gaga would be on top of the list! J Let’s not forget about Daphne Guinness, Tilda Swinton too!

Who else do you want to collaborate with in the future? I always believe that it is in collaboration that the true nature of art is revealed, so anyone who is willing / agrees to collaborate with me is very welcome to do so!

Advice for up and coming creative on your field: Stay professional. Take care of your career, try your best to be able to get far in the business and improve aesthetically / personally. Keep your feet on the ground and remember you are only as good as your last work! Always make room for knowledge, try to learn as you go.

Fashion Mantra: Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom.

Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do/achieve? Well there are a lot of things I want to achieve but we’ve just started 2014 so let’s see how everything works out. 2014, surprise me!  Right now, I am at the early stages of my 4th collection as we speak.

One word to describe yourself:  DEVIANT!

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