Sunday, February 8, 2015

Jaro of Our Hearts

Jaro has Arrived. Jaro is also one of our good friends whom we missed so much. We can't even remember when was the last time we went out together. He also now works in Manila and even Philip seldom sees him. So, the evening was really maximized and you know what's next, going around and searching for new places to try.

Citylight Hotel

We first met up in Citylight Hotel where we usually hangout back in college. We had some light meal and drinks. I am very sure that new comers would not be disappointed about the place. Delicious food made up from fresh harvest, a relaxing ambiance with a grand piano playing and a soothing vibe because of its interiors are its promise. If you are watching ABS-CBN's Forevermore, some scenes were shot in here.

 Chil Cheon Gak

Next stop would be for dinner.  We decided to have anything Korean that night, so we went along Legarda where lots of Korean restaurants and groceries can be found. As expected, the food were deliciously spicy and flavorful. The color made it's appearance more palatable. The experience of grilling my own meal added up to the hunger I was currently feeling that time. Just imagine satiety building up in my mouth. By the way, it was Jaro's treat, YEY! Everybody loves free meal once in a while.


Bonfire at Jai's

To end the night, we had some bonfire back at Jai's home. I have not tried it yet until Jai invited us once before with our other friends. It's kinda fun and it is really useful during very cold months. We had coffee and bread while we had a catch-up about life, career and you know it, fashion. I just realized that the set-up really feels like being in "La Presa."


That's all for now.

Life is A Jernih

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