Friday, February 20, 2015

Shabu Shabu Pa More

I first tried my first shabu-shabu experience back in Baguio. So to my delight, I am so happy to share you guys that Cabanatuan has its own version which you can experience for a very reasonable price. The place is called Kuya Zar's Shabu-Shabu, Seafoods and Dimsum and my best of friends have been looking for something new to try in the town. And our prayers have been answered, thanks to the very fast rise in the number of cafes and restaurants in the city. Maybe all because of SM City Cabanatuan nearing to open by 2016. 

The place and the concept were simple and very convenient for a person just looking to satisfy his hunger. You know the rules, raw seafood and dim sum will be served for you to cook by yourself, also, with the assistance of the service crew. In my case, the cooking experience has been also a moment for me and my friends to catch up and laugh at things we have remembered that moment. It is a nice way for your friends and family to bond while also fulfilling your satiety. 

All the waiting from cooking were all worth-it. The hot soup just tasted so authentic and mildly spicy getting your whole mouth ready for much even more. The noodles, sea food, and dim sum were so cohesive with the hot soup. As if you can not have enough of shabu shabu at the moment. Until you realize that you are already full and have a happy tummy. Everything was just perfect!

You can visit the Kuya Zar's at Neta Buiding, Mabini Corner Del Pilar Street, Cabanatuan City.

That's all.

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