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AS PROMISED. Being on the verge of my quest to provide more helpful fashion insight for you guys straight from me, I present to you my brand new GET THE LOOK feature here in my blog. (How may features do I have already??? hmmm LOL) Well, it's not really that new, you've seen it in some magazines on print and online. The difference is that what I am going to publish here is more personal and I am really taking into consideration accessibility and affordability of the products and most of all, practicality, I know, you're welcome. HAHAHA. Alright, keep scrolling down now.

1. Crimson Men's Short Sleeves Polo Straight Button with Pocket, 839php, Available at LazadaPH in a Cash on Delivery Basis.
2. Basic T-shirt, 299php,  H&M Philippines.
3. OWPh Male Cotton Jogger Pants, 800php, Available at LazadaPH in a Cash on Delivery Basis.
4. Finch Torch Boat Shoe (Made in Marikina), 1900php, Available at LazadaPH in a Cash on Delivery Basis.
*shoes not included

I picked this look from Burberry show from the recent London Collections Men 2015 because I can completely imagine somebody wearing this on the street on his way to school/work. Someone who just want a laid-back look and something easy to put on. That grey shirt from H&M is so basic you can actually match it with some other ensemble, so it's really a must-have piece. That jogger pants and boat shoes offer comfort and that polo, you can just remove if it gets a little hot. I know, most of the products were from Lazada. Well, what can I do, I tried looking from other online shops out there and so far, Lazada offered more choices and variations which are the most affordable. (Just remember to go on Lazada.Ph through my blog, Thank You Very Much). 

You may also notice that I posted items which do not look exactly as our fashion inspiration because that's my mantra. It is just an inspiration and that we must only draw such from the original look. Besides, style is not being bought and cannot ever be, it is being felt, it's a state of mind. Especially now that fashion not only means putting on the clothes perfectly but more like showing more of your personality. Channeling the inner you without a single word spoken. So grab those items now and show some confidence wearing it on your next day of school or work. That's all for today, happy shopping!

You can check for more fashion inspiration from London Collections Men 2015 from my PART 1 and PART 2 coverage here in the blog.

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