Sunday, June 21, 2015


1. Wrangler Men's Biker Jacket (Black), 3150php, Available at LazadaPh in a Cash on Delivery and BDO Installments Basis
2. Washed Crew Neck Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt, 490php, UNIQLO
3. Twill Pants Slim fit, 1190php, H&M
4. 101 New York Men's Leather Belt (Black), 649.75php, Available at LazadaPh in a Cash on Delivery Basis
5. Derby Shoes, 1490php, H&M
6. Sunglasses, 299php, H&M

If there is something about Tom Ford's collection ever since I've known him was that all his clothes will definitely make you party and feel sexy, whatever sexuality you represent. Even before during his Gucci days, those sexy and racy ads sexed up the fashion business. But don't get Mr. Ford wrong, he is not all just for sex, in fact, I think he is a very smart and inspirational person, (Just check the video below), well judging how he speaks and whom his clients are. The list include Beyonce and Julian Moore, by the way, and many more. Also aside from designing, he got some Acting, Film Making and Architectural skills on his belt. So, go on and embody Mr. Ford's sexiness and shopt the items from H&M, Lazada, and Uniqlo. Happy On-line shopping!

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