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PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK HOLIDAY 2015 - DAY 1 (My top-picks and review)

It's that time of the year when Filipino fashion will be once again celebrated. When the fashionable, the beautiful and the influential's will flock again together to witness what's up with the Philippine fashion scene right now (well, partly.) I could still remember my first PFW experience back in 2010, everything was so ecstatic! Even I, can feel the energy and excitement as I see the models, designers on and off the runway, and the crowd was just wild and amazing. I just don't know what happened in the succeeding years because the energy which I am talking about went gloomy. The reviews I have read were not that appealing as well. I believe that something must have really happened off the runway and that it could still be fixed. 

This year's PFW Holiday 2015 was initialized on a same day with our country's celebration of Independence Day, June 12th 2015. It was held in Aura Atrium, SM Aura Premier. A smaller venue compared to SM MOA SMX Convention Center's but still classy and fine. I think it's a good move for PFW to hold the event in a more public venue to educate again other people that there exist Philippine Fashion Week. Just like during it's early days when they do the events at The NBC Tent and Glorietta Activity Center in Ayala Malls. I still believe PFW can get that energy back again just like before and that they must regain it because they bear the flag of the Filipino fashion for heaven's sake! The Filipino fashion which, for me, have to be original, intricate, and DIVERSE. And these my friends I really observed on some pieces I saw on the runway this season...So here are my top-picks by collection!

EsAc by Mixy Dy, Lyle Ibanez and AudieAE

Of course, with it's signature opening, male model wearing only red briefs. There is only one this time. An appetizer for the crowd, girls and some boys loved it alike. This season's EsAc collection is a collaboration of designers and it gave me a retro vibe, a trend that has always been around. Most of the clothes are minimal which I like and splashes of colors are really for the summer holidays.

Anthony Nocom x moshi

What I like about Anthony Nocom's collection is that it spans from casual business-like attires to more relaxed and laid-back pieces, something you could wear and walk around with on the streets. So, I picked mostly of the street wears. 

Boyet Dysangco x Case-Mate

These Boyet Dysangco pieces I picked will surely makes you want to partttteeeey! and them boys too ;)

Jian Lasala

Shining, shimmering, you gotta be spending on these! These sequined and colorful classic Lasala pieces will surely add a show to wherever you'll be going.

Lyle Ibanez x happy plugs Stockholm

What I love about the collection is the usage of Pina and Abaca fabric which we can definitely identify as a Filipino (yeah, it is somehow of a Spanish influence but pina and abaca are now main products of the Philippines, and using them means supporting the livelihood of our local farmers and countrymen) Anyway, I just love it every time a designer reinvent something raw and authentic and make it updated and current like Mark Tamayo and Harvic Dominguez. These beautiful Ibanez pieces should be an inspiration to other designers out there and should be what Philippine Fashion Week is all about. I hope to see more of this type of collection in the future, fusing our culture with modern aesthetics and presenting them to the world. 

I just can't get over this collection. I picked more than 5. <3 <3 <3

Sidney Perez Sio x beats by dr. dre

Another collection which really taps the potential of Filipino material and inspiration was displayed through the collection of Sidney Perez Sio. I told you earlier, I just love everything that speaks Philippines. I like the idea of translating the barongs into street wear. I think it's brilliant. I love the idea that Ibanez and Sio closed the first day of PFW because their collections are truly marvelous and they just have the right.

All photographs by Nelson Villarica. You can check the complete collection at StyleBible.Ph.

Stay tuned for my Days 2 and 3 review!

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