Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baguio's Best (so far)

So here are the photos from the recently concluded SM Department Denim Festival months ago. Yeah I know, I brewed the photos so much. Well, I'm not having any motivation to post anything lately. Until now that there will be again a PFW in SMX Convention Center at MOA. I really hope there would be a good show and reviews this season besides that of not-so-new-tactic-of-importing-international-celebrities-just-to-make-a-hype-on-their-labels like David Gandy for SM . I hope there wouldn't be designer-copy-cat-issue and that everybody will be safe and sound.

Because of these, i can't help but compare the stellar fashion scenes of commercially mainstream Manila and that of Indie and Artsy Baguio. After my contemplation, therefore, I conclude, that fashion scene in Baguio City is so young and but fresh and full of big potential (talking about designers, photographers, videographers, models, stylists, HMUA and more). It is so nice to see fellow young people pushing the power of fashion in a city still partly blinded with false and wrong concept of beauty and fashion. It is also nice to see these young people doing such activities out of their passion which I believe had its downfall at times. Bigger and, let say, opportunistic bodies may have forced these creative forces to work for their advantage but who cares giving a f***. In an attitude of a passionate person, this won't even matter. As long as these people do what they love to do, the show will surely go on. After all, we are the Millenials. 

But still, I pray and continuously hope that the fashion scene in Baguio City will have its time in the fashion scope soon like that of Big Manila, but of course, minus some of its dirty realities and plus the proper financial compensation. Let's say Manila will be a New York and Baguio will be our London. Not only because of it's winter-collection-worthy climate but also the deep appreciation of art by its people alongside with their strong sense of identity as Cordillerans , Ilocanos, Tagalog etc in this region. Stronger than anybody in the country and that I can attest to.

With all the good attitude these kids have right now (I hope it won't change); chances of gracing some of Manila's runway little by little, positive feedback from every outsiders to ever work with us and the nods and thumbs-up they get from each project we do, there will surely be a chance for Baguio soon someday.

Just keep moving Baguio kids and make each other proud.

No HMU task for JM today. Maybe a li'l help on the boy's tent, is that ok?

Filipino time is Filipino time and I hate it so much.

Khaleb, men's stylist of the day, in action.

Mark L., Jomil and Gerald.

Some blurry heads.


Hair and Make-up section.

Some briefing I guess.

Kuya, Chase, Vernon and Mark B. Still waiting.

Gerald, Me and Khaleb.

Kuya Archie leads the HMU section.

Jairus, CEO of Forefront Productions.

Lookbooking Khaleb.

Emoting JM.


The Boysh.

Kuya Chris, one of the organizers.

Showtime at backstage.

Backstage is truly where the real fun of the show is.


Jairus and Ate Jackie of Jacks and Dens.

Laura, Ajie, Ajuntha, Kim and Clea. uhm , No, Nevermind the girls. LOL

Ajuntha taking the spot light.

Raiza and Mellan

Some pizza for food.

Ajie always goofing around.

Kim and Iris

Some Lebanese.

Get Get Awww!!!

Not-so-happy in here. 

Vernon, Andy, Mark G., Mark L., and Gerald.

DJ Vinimal still spinning it.

Thanks for dropping by Callum.

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