Monday, April 27, 2015

G O | S E E My Sunniest

Summer has been cooking the Philippines lately, especially here in Cabanatuan City where the daily temperature ranges from 30 - 34 degree Celsius only! Now spell H-O-T! The city has a sunshiny reputation all year-round, well, most time of the year. But this year's different, it's making you feel like wearing only swimwear on public roads. 

But on the other hand, I am always optimistic about almost anything. It seems that this scorching hot circumstance serves as a blessing to my town's farmers because the production of rice has also risen with the temperature. I've heard. Plus, it is a perfect time for such activities like going out of town and experience the countryside beaches and hike some mountain trails like what I am seeing from my other friends. But for now, and for me, this weather ain't a reason on hindering us from looking at our sharpest. So bring those shades out now!

Glasses, Sunnies

Bag, Kipling

Top, Banana Republic
Pants, Folded and Hung
Boots, Dr. Martens

Photographs Courtesy of JC Tadique

Life is A Jernih

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