Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Summer Birds and Paradise

Whenever my friends from other provinces asked me where can I bring them here in Nueva Ecija, I am totally clueless and will immediately say that there's nothing to see in here but vast rice fields, agricultural animals, few budding cafes and restaurant and some falls and rivers near the province's bordering mountain ranges. There are lot of resorts here but I am not really into it that's why I am not encouraging them as well. I am more of a beach person and would pick going for a natural location over man-made's. That is why, to my surprise, I was very excited when I learned about Minalungao National Park. I never thought this kind of place would exist in my home province. Plus, my roots came from the town where it is located, now what a coincidence.

The place is locally addressed as Minalungao and it is found in General Tinio Town which is also referred by its old name "Papaya." To my surprise, I have been here when I was a kid, but you know you don't really care where you are going  as long as it sounds fun like swimming. I couldn't remember this place to be beautiful as this, maybe because my grandparents did not bring me to the farther and deeper parts of the river which is the most picturesque. My grandmother came from this town that is why I got several relatives in here. So I had the chance to contact my uncle, twice removed, who is younger than me, whom helped us reach the place.

The place is indeed a hidden gem and a secret yet to be discovered to some. The water is like an emerald shining under the bright sun. It is clear and cool and really inviting. You can feel that the place is untouched because of its lush green forest surrounding the river. The rock formation on both sides are like art forms made through the natural process. 

The place is protected by a law and some attractions were added such as zip lines, cottages, and rafts for rent. It is gaining more attention after some TV features lately. We went there on a Sunday and maybe that accounts to some number of people and vehicles parked on assigned area before the river. I saw buses which came as far as Pangasinan. That is why it is not only the locales who are enjoying the beautiful spot but also some tourists.

We really enjoyed the place and had fun. Sorry for the massive selfies and pictures in this post because we just missed each other. Well, it could have been more fun for sure if we were complete, but that's life, some people has to be away, grow and go farther and set as an inspiration to others, to us. :3 After all, birthday messages means so much already and this trip has been memorable with special people that made it possible.

That is why, from now on, I promise myself  to spend my future birthdays on somewhere far, exotic, beautiful and natural... in a paradise.

All photos from Elmer Sebastian, JC Tadique, Kath Gabaon, Pamela Cahayon and Raiza Andres. 

Life is A Jernih

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