Thursday, April 16, 2015

My Cheesy Project Pie

Customization and promotion of personalized products are getting really trendy in any market. As a business, putting the satisfaction of customers as a priority will definitely ensure repeat purchase or a come back. And this is very true with Project Pie, a pizzeria which I have tried recently with my beautiful friends.

As it is our first time, we are happy that the food personnel were so happy to guide us along the process from putting olive oil and tomato sauce as a base over the pizza crust up to choosing from its long list of pizza toppings. I must admit that some toppings looks foreign to me. Pizza is not a part of a typical daily Filipino diet like mine but it is a favorite and popular across the archipelago. Anyway, I tried these strange looking food materials just to give a chance for myself. 

I first put a glance on the cheeses and asked the Project Pie pizza maker to put them all. I did the same way with pepperoni, other meat that looked protein-rich, because I am currently on a body-building program, and of course, lots of chicken strips. Then I put tomato, pepper and pineapple as a finishing touch. Kidding! I asked them to put more cheese, and more cheese as my final layer. LOL. I am a cheese-addict and i can't help myself to ask for more. The pizza maker suggested to put more Parmesan cheese on top to hold my pizza stronger because it had become quite heavy by weight during the process because of the cheeses.  I love the idea that I am learning through the process; not a typical experience when you dine out and you just consume your food.  Also, I love the fact that they were spoiling my cravings! <3

And the pizza were finally baked! We were like kids wondering how our pizza would taste like. Especially that the personnel told us earlier that, yes, we could put everything on our pizza but it was not a guarantee that it would still taste delicious because some ingredients might just taste in contrast with each other.  I finally had a bite and I am so happy that it tasted fine and my friends agreed with me. Yey! my instincts and for sure, the pizza maker's skills saved my pizza experience.

And by the way, have I mentioned about the store's ambiance? Well, it looks industrial with a modern take. The feeling of life and lightness is still there. A great place to eat your own pizza with your friends and family. And I love all the quotes painted on the walls, it is a pizza with a "hugot" (quotes depicting real life events and real emotions.)



So I invite you to try the nearest Project Pie from your place. Design. Build. Eat. :)

Project Pie, The New Park Square, Ayala Center, Makati.

Life is A Jernih

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