Sunday, August 4, 2013

Arya Abra 2.0

At Victoria park.

I can't recall which day was this when I was in Abra. I kinda stayed long there. Free food, free place to stay and new places to see, who wouldn't like that.


This cocoa treat is HEAVENLY.

Abra overview.

Above the Victoria Park.

It's gonna be my REIGN soon.

At the new Abra Provincial Hospital. Too bad I graduated already and never had a chance to be deployed here.

Going inside.

The Emergency Department and everything is new.

Exploring the new building.

At this bridge which name I forgot.

The Sleeping Beauty.

Some insect invasion. Maybe it's their mating season.

My addiction.

Dinner is always yummy.

Renz's mom gave me lots of the cocoa treats. Maybe she felt I really like them sooooooo much. Thanks Tita.

Time to leave.

Somewhere between Abra and Vigan.

To Vigan once again.

 Life is A Jernih

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