Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Suso Beach

Yes, you've read it right. It is The Suso Beach. Quite malicious at first, I got to agree that the name kinda excite me at first because I thought that it's a sort of a nude beach. Well, that's quite not-so-happening-in-the-Philippines right now. As my readings are concerned right now, the beach got its name from the mountain ranges around it which resembles breasts or "suso" in Tagalog.

I've been longing for swimming in a beach then and I really had great time there. The feeling of seeing the beach and the grainy sand stretching along the shore, the perfect sunny day and the turquoise blue waving water is so orgasmic, if straight men would agree, maybe like seeing boobies, that I don't really want to talk about. LOL


To the beach.

Suso Beach

We own it. Mode

With Renz

Leaving the sleeves of my top to balance the tan I got from San Gabriel with my torso.

Claiming my golden tan.

Some injury.

Experimenting different use of this hat I bought from Vigan's Heritage Site. Look No. 1.

Look No. 2. Channeling Michael Cinco or Furne One.

Look No. 3. 

Look No. 4. Some looks weren't posted because they are not quite pretty looking.

Look No. 5. The actual purpose.

Look No. 6. As a props.

Renz's best shot for me.

Rain's coming.


Caught in the rain.

To Abra...


Education is the key to Success. Push hija.

Dinner's ready.

Life is A Jernih


  1. teh! pasok ang photos :) love it! namiss ko kayo bigla ni renz :/ huhu! comesha na here sa la union!

  2. we'll see you in your BDAY right?? hahaha.. imma prep my tummy for that..HAHAHA