Friday, November 29, 2013

A Different Kind of Buzz

 You know what they say, "Birds of the same feathers are the same birds", nah, just kidding. I'm just making fun out of that old saying. Well, I'm not really into photography and my skills weren't that professional. But I love the fact that I could capture any moment and make me ponder on some time in the future. I am also obsessed with black and white photos because I think they are dramatic and can do no wrong; that's why if you would notice my posts, they are majorly BW. Of course, I haven't shoot all of these photos. We just love to pass the camera around and do some not-so-random-modelling, LOL. It is our form of bonding, hence, I conclude that we are really of the same feathers.

Also this day, we are so happy that we have Designer Hermitanio of Hermitism to lend us his babies all the way from Angono, Rizal for a collaboration with my friend Jairus Sumineg (Forefront Productions CEO)  for his latest collection named "Chimera" to be shot by Photographer/Blogger Miguel Alomajan of Migotilyo Manila and Fashion Ate the Lawyer all the way from Manila. Ajie will model for today, while Philip and Yours Truly will have a break from On-cam to be consecutively HMUA and stylist-for-a-day together with another stylist Khaleb of Kelvin and Kelvin.

Thank God, the weather was perfect and very cool plus the breeze says its Christmas time already. It feels were not doing anything at all. For sure, the output will surely be incredible and we'll have more collaborations soon.

We ended the shoot with some coffee and dinner at Volante at Camp John Hay as we savor some of the juiciest scoops from Manila and Baguio. Afterwards, as much as we don't want to do it, we have to say our temporary Bye-Bye's and part ways. Anyway, we are very sure that a "next time" is brighter as the sun.

Ajie, Philp and I ended the night with some new addiction, the Japadog sold at the end of Harrison Road during the Night Market. Well, it's not really its actual name but  we constantly calling it so to refer on it. I'm thinking of opening a business selling Japadogs. yes, that's how I am fascinated by this food. LOL. I'll update you all soon on this. By the way, no locked door that night. :)

That's all for now.

Life is A Jernih

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