Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Forefront Backstage" - Fashion Ability 2013 BTS

So here you will see what I am preparing for months. My collection and my body. Of course, what Jairus is also preparing for Fashion Ability (FA) 2013. We are once again selected to showcase our collection in FA 2013 with the presence of Forefront Models. Additionlly, we are so lucky that we had the chance to meet and collaborate with up and coming Accessory Designer Herminio Tan, Jr. of Hermitism. The collaboration made the show fresher and edgier for the whole city to see for sure.

I am obsessed right now in art films and music videos and so I cropped the photos as if they are still shots from a film. I think we are pretty ready for a bit of motion anytime soon.

As always, the most exciting parts of doing a fashion show happen back stage. Thus, may I share with you the show's BTS. Photos were shot by Khaleb of Kelvin and Kelvin. Enjoy!!!

Life is A Jernih

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