Thursday, November 28, 2013

"Forefront Off-Stage" - Fashion Ability 2013 BTS

Nothing new, just some more photos of hours before and after Fashion Ability 2013. I just realized that we spend like 20-25% of our time together eating, chatting and laughing out loud every time we go out if not talking about fashionable ideas. 

This is also the day that we finally met Herminio Tan, Jr. of Hermitism and Miguel Alomajan of Fashion Ate the Lawyer in person and we just proved that we all go well together. They are so thrilled and excited to roam around the city anytime soon as we are so pleased to have them with our company. Too bad, lots of us have time-constraining-issues so we kind of not achieved some of our itineraries. But don't worry Hemitanio and Migs. Baguio is just somewhere up the North with its promise of being a Home away from Home. You can always come back so we could hang-out a little longer next time. See yah soon you two. :)

Life is A Jernih

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