Tuesday, March 4, 2014

JM Tabamo

Photographed by Quddus Padilla


JM Tabamo

 19 physically but I'm pretty sureI'm still 14 at heart

Tarlac City, Tarlac

Ethnic Origin:

Creative field and what’s about it:
1)I am The Senior and Make Up Artist for Forefront productions. Well basically I do my magic with my fingers to make beautiful gorgeous things!

2) I am an illustrator/co-owner of GRAPHYT . I wreak havoc on a piece of paper.

Noma Han, Illustrated by JM Tabamo. Grabbed from JM's Facebook Account.

I'm a shower singer, a music enthusiast ,I'm an illustrator.

Favorite Food: 
Lahat ng klase ng Sinigang!, sinampalukang manok, kare kare, and almost anything put on a griller..ahah (All type of Sinigang!, sinampalukang manok, kare kare,...)

Favorite Movie: 
Grey Gardens(1975), The Perfume

Favorite Song as of the Moment: 
Unfair by The Neighbourhood . Its just screams FASHION FILM.

Favorite Book: 
Mga Kaibigan ni Lola Susan by Bob Ong

Catsuit designed by Jairus Sumineg. Illustrated by JM Tabamo. Grabbed from JM's Facebook Account.

 What are your major influence or aesthetics?:
One really big part is MUSIC , my kind of music… This playlist (that every now and then I update) just gives off a feeling that’s somehow nostalgic with out having any memory of that feeling but you know to yourself that the feeling is there. 

What is your biggest fear?: 
I have separation anxiety, and post traumatic stress syndrome. What do you think my fear is? 

What is your dream country to visit?: 
I am not kidding when I say this, since I could remember, I have always wanted to go to Thailand. .. I know AHAHA .. but I wanna see Russia , Brazil , France.

What was the last dream you remember?: 
That I was beating the shit out of my best friend's enemy.. yes.. 

 Do you have any Guilty Pleasures?: 
I do, sex and fruit-based sweets too.

Illustrated by JM Tabamo. Grabbed from JM's Facebook Account.

How did you started what you are doing:
Since I was a kid I've been drawing doodles, and things like that. I had a BIG phase with paper dress-up dolls. I wanted to make my own. And with hair and make up, honestly it was because of my mom. She's a frustrated makeup artist, and there was this summer before college. And the rest was history.
Favorite Fashion Icon:
Tilda Swinton, effortless, just simply effortless. 

If you will be featured in any magazine, what it would be:
Locally it would ROGUE magazine. Internationally, it would be HARPER'S BAZAAR.

What’s your most memorable fashion moment so far:
Walking for Jairus Sumineg’s Chimera collection. Yes! 

What’s your favorite fashion city and why?:
New York, I guess I like the effortless vibe of function. It follows form and things going on with the locals there.

Illustrated by JM Tabamo. Grabbed from JM's Facebook Account.

Whom do you want to dress, style, or photograph in the future?:
Locally, Angel Aquino. Internationally, Kate Moss!! 

Who else do you want to collaborate with in the future?
Leeroy New , Sassa Jimenez , Sam Lee, BJ Pasual, and yes.. Andre Chang.

Advice for other up and coming creative on your field:
Be fearless but be cautious ,and never be content with what you can do now.

Fashion Mantra:
It is all about GOOD TASTE.

Aside from what you are doing now, what else you want to do/achieve?:
Photography and short films. Sculpting.

Illustrated by JM Tabamo. Grabbed from JM's Facebook Account.

One word to describe yourself:Fearless

Twitter name: @jmtabalicious

Instagram name: @janmarcoroons

Other pages/blog: http://8tracks.com/jmtabamo

Life is A Jernih

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