Sunday, June 26, 2016

Cafe De Angelo Coffee Bar: Suddenly, I Needed a Chef Boyfriend in my Life

On my recent travel in Baguio to attend good friends' wedding, our search for something gastronomically new once again put our hungry mouths on the hunt. We previously planned to visit this cafe mentioned by Phil but we failed to find it. We were not sure if it still exists or not. So, we had to find another cafe and that was the time Jairus suggested that we go to Cafe De Angelo Coffee Bar which is located inside St. Patrick's Village.

As you would see in the succeeding photos, we ordered cheesy quesadillas and this dumpling-like food stuffed with pure chicken meat inside. For our drinks, we had coffee, banana cooler and basil cooler. Basil cooler is a must-try and it tastes refreshing as it looks and sounds. Plus, its green color really added to my amusement. The over-all dining experience was like that of just eating at home which most Baguio restaurants possess. Also, with the help of the quality service delivered by its personnel. The meal was made more special because it was such a long, long time, well, three months (I just counted it now), since Jai, Phil and I had our catch-up together, of course, missing our other gals Arianne, JM, Jaro and Justin.

Another thing that I love about the place was that it was surrounded by houses which look like cute giant dollhouses and we were the mini dolls. I just found out that the houses inside St. Patrick Village were for rental and Jai further informed me that they are on Airbnb, so if you want to make your next stay in the City of Pines feels like just at home with a Baguio-punch of cool wind and pine scent, then you may look for their page for price inquiries. 

So here are the photos.



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