Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Manila X Festival BTS

The first ever Manila X, Style and Music Fest which happened last June 4, 2016 at Circuit Makati was something first for the country. Style, music and fashion forces all united for one exciting event. The celebration was definitely successful as it attracted raving music lovers and fashionistas in and out of Manila. Celebrities, musicians and fashion creatives did not disappoint and delivered out of this world fashion concepts which suited the vibe of the party music. I expected to see this event grow into something bigger and stellar with important cause and advocacy to promote in the future like that of Fashion Rocks. 

My presence would not be possible without my designer friend Jairus Sumineg whose collection was showcased under the Avant Garde portion together with other amazing designers I have known for a long time now and I have just met during the event, Rian Fernandez, Harvic Dominguez, Yves Camingue and Charles Anito; whose collection was styled by Manila X over-all stylist, Mr. John Lozano. The show also included brand and styling power-houses like the team of Zalora, John Paul Dizon, BangBangStyleCrew, Myrrh Lao To and Rain x Em (whom I have met thru Mr. Danel of W Management) with accompanying music and vocals of artists like Yeng Constantino, Up Dharma Down, Kiana Valenciano and the Rap Machine Gloc-9 (We had a selfie!!! #fanboy).

The event was made extra shiny with the presence of some celebrities whom shared the show on stage and the grounds like Jake Ejercito, Luis Hontiveros, Wilma Doesnt, Wynwyn Marquez, Mark Herras, Gabby Eigenman, Pokwang, Angel Locsin, Jernih Agapito (naaaaaahhhh that's me, hahaha, just checking if you are reading my posts) and many more. There was also no shortage of models like ASNTM S1 Stephanie Retuya, Veronica de Castro, Gie Santillan, Mark McMahon, Anne Barker, Emerald, Cai Cai Raymundo, Jasmine Maierhofer, Victor Steensig and many more who modeled for the collections. Of course, the show would not materialize without the people behind it whom assisted me in delivering Jairus's collection and made me feel comfortable up to the end of the show like Mr. Julius, Mr. Kim, Mr. Edgar, Mr. John, the dressers, whose names I could not recall anymore because there were too many of them, and others whom I had not the chance to ask their names because "production." 

ManilaX was directed by Mr. Paolo Vanlenciano.

Alright, enough typing here, enjoy the photos.

Life is A Jernih

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